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Warehousing and Distribution Services by Peacock Bros.

Peacock Bros. Warehousing and Distribution Industry Solutions

Peacock Bros. has been implementing professional data capture, asset management and process automation solutions for the Warehouse and Distribution industries for many years. We employ trained professional application development technicians, hardware maintenance staff and expert sales teams that provide unsurpassed expertise and customer service for a wide range of leading edge solutions.

We have listed below just a short list of services that provide critical operational improvements and fast return on investment. Our sales and deployment teams can discuss with you what types of solutions are appropriate to your needs and discuss the best solution for both your current circumstance and future development plans.


Pallet Tracking and Visibility

Warehousing and Distribution by nature involves large volumes of palletized stock moving in and out of facilities on a daily basis. Managing this process can be both a daunting and impossible task if your systems are not up to date. Peacock Bros. provide world leading solutions that will track and trace the movements of pallets capturing the activities as they occur. Using the latest in customised software applications and mobile data devices this entire process can be automated and instantly relayed to your warehouse management system.

Peacock Bros. also specialise in pallet monitoring and visibility solutions, some solutions are have been exclusively developed by our own technical team. We can recommend, install and help you operate single point inventory monitoring stations that will provide a single place to view of of your pallets and important pallet contents information. This information will give your mangers more powerful tools to be manage the daily tasks and implement procedural improvements.


Pick and Pack

The accuracy and efficiency of your pick and pack process reflects to your customers the standard of value that you provide. High through put operations cannot afford errors in this process or allow inefficient practices to take place. Peacock Bros. specialise in pick and pack solutions that reduce the operator input and automates many of the processes involved. By doing this the process is more accurate, requires less manual handling and can instantly communicate with your warehouse manager and inventory solution.

Pick and pack solutions can also transmit picking orders to your floor staff, confirm the picking process as it occurs and alert the appropriate personnel if an error has taken place. The combined result of these improvements means a more efficient operation with less overheads, more accurate inventory visibility and improved customer service.


Stock Control

Accurate and real time stock control is essential in any business operation and can make or break a company. Peacock Bros. combine the latest in automation applications, hardware technologies and integration software to provide world class stock control solutions. Our solutions can automate the data entry of stock movements and instantly update your stock control system as to the stock's status and then in turn provide in real time accurate level reports and information.

Our stock control solutions also reduce the manual handling required and input errors that can occur giving more accurate visibility of your stock levels and their location within your facility.


Indoor Vehicle Tracking

Peacock Bros. are the exclusive partner for the world's first true indoor vehicle tracking solution called Sky-Trax. This solution tracks and provides both graphical visibility and data reports on the location, speed and direction of any indoor vehicle. Using the latest in optical camera technology and vehicle mounted computers, Sky-Trax can monitor your indoor vehicles with an accuracy of up to 5 square centimeters and produce reports on the efficiency of the vehicles operation for any given period.

Combining this technology with barcode readers or RFID technology will add this real time position information to your pallets allowing you to visually monitor a pallets movements even if it is still in motion.


Hardware Selection

Selecting the right hardware for your project is a critical cornerstone for any application. With a huge selection of fixed, handheld and vehicle mounted devices available today, Peacock Bros. can take the worry out of your hardware acquisition process. Our qualified sales teams will advise you on the most effective hardware required to perform your tasks and give you the security of knowing that your equipment will meet your needs in the long term also.

Peacock Bros. is vendor independent allowing us to give you a choice of not only the right type of device but also the most appropriate brand for your needs.


Professional Services

Peacock Bros. professional services are arguably the most advanced and cost effective solutions available within the Australian market. With fully qualified and experience experts in software development, project deployment and application integration, we can give any operation the business edge. Utlising the latest in hardware technology combined with the most advanced applications, Peacock Bros. continue to raise the benchmark in providing the best possible solution for its customers.

Our service and attention to detail is evident from the time we consult with you about your requirements, provide site and environmental assessments, develop customised solutions and monitor your go-live day.