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EPoD - Electronic Proof od Delivery Solution

Transport and Logistics Industry Services by Peacock Bros.  

Peacock Bros. Transport and Logistics Industry Solutions

Transport and Logistics companies today more than ever need to improve the performance of their operations and reduce the operational costs in their day to day activities. With rising costs involved in running operations advantages can be implemented within your business that will dramatically improve your bottom line.

Peacock Bros. specialise in Data Management, Asset Management and Fleet Visibility solutions specifically designed to give your business the advantage. With an endless range of automated applications, mobility solutions and vehicle tracking systems, we can provide specialized solutions to meet the needs of your operation. Below is a list of just some of the true advantage solutions we provide.


Mobile Data Capture

Mobile Data Capture solutions has become an essential part of any transport and logistics operation. With advances in technology offerings mobile devices and PDA's are now smarter, run faster and can wirelessly interface in numerous types of networks. Data Capture applications installed on Mobile Devices allow for real time visibility and interface with asset movements as they occur both inside your facilities and out on the road.

Peacock Bros. specialise in creating endless smart applications that reduce the manual input and handling required on out in the field transactions and delivery tasks by automating processes and employing mobile data networks to instantly transmit activity information. Essentially your operators out on the road will provide you with instant asset status just as if they were inside your your building locally. These solutions allow for more accurate asset management and complete visibility of all your operations form even remote locations.

EPOD - Electronic Proof of Delivery Solution including real-time delivery management - More details here


GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is now a proven and viable method of monitoring and managing your fleet no matter where they are. With the addition of customised applications, these systems can also provide important information such as pin point vehicle location, direction and speed of travel as well as a history of where your vehicles have been.

Now you can instantly locate the nearest vehicle to a customer and orders transmitted to the driver. The driver then receives his task and is provided with the most efficient directions to the job minimizing time on the road and improving customer satisfaction.


Asset Tracking

Transport and Logistics businesses constantly deal with large volumes of goods being processed on a daily basis. Ensuring accurate control of all of these activities has always been a major operational cost and requiring many man hours. By automating this process and installing on a mobile handheld scanner your workers can instantly capture asset movements and status changes as the events occur and send the information in real-time to your current asset management system.

These solutions not only provide your business with more accurate and faster asset visibility but also reduce the manhours and manual handling normally associated.


Process Automation

Automating your asset handling and capture of asset movements is a key to improved productivity and error reduction. Peacock Bros. develop in-house customised automation applications that will interface with most inventory management systems and environments that will give your operations an instant return on investment. By automating processes such as receiving pallets of goods and entering the stock information into your inventory, managing the stock's physical location, human errors are reduced and the process becomes more accurate and faster to complete.

These automated processes can include multiple parts of your operations such as your goods received, stored and dispatch facilities as part of your cross docking system providing complete visibility and quality control of each process.


Operational Visibility

Transport and Logistics companies need to have complete visibility of every point of activity and asset. Peacock Bros. professional services are designed to provide single points of management where all of these processes and items can be monitored and appropriate actions when required can be immediately taken.

This type of solution gives more real time control over the daily operations and provides a platform where your efficiency data can be accessed and informed improvements can be implemented. Visibility can be accessed for individual facilities or your entire operations at a glance if required.


Hardware Selection

Selecting the right hardware for your project is a critical cornerstone for any application. With a huge selection of fixed, handheld and vehicle mounted devices available today, Peacock Bros. can take the worry out of your hardware acquisition process. Our qualified sales teams will advise you on the most effective hardware required to perform your tasks and give you the security of knowing that your equipment will meet your needs in the long term also.

Peacock Bros. is vendor independent allowing us to give you a choice of not only the right type of device but also the most appropriate brand for your needs.


Professional Services

Peacock Bros. professional services are arguably the most advanced and cost effective solutions available within the Australian market. With fully qualified and experience experts in software development, project deployment and application integration, we can give any operation the business edge. Utlising the latest in hardware technology combined with the most advanced applications, Peacock Bros. continue to raise the benchmark in providing the best possible solution for its customers.

Our service and attention to detail is evident from the time we consult with you about your requirements, provide site and environmental assessments, develop customised solutions and monitor your go-live day.